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About Us

Welcome to Azabu

Azabu stands at the forefront of the hospitality industry in championing
Japanese-inspired venues that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. We
take pride in delivering a portfolio of diverse cuisine and memorable gastronomic
moments with renowned chefs.

Our footprint includes an array of pioneering concepts with a robust pipeline of
projects poised for launch in the coming months and years.

Established in 2020, Azabu is backed by a passionate team committed to delivering truly exceptional, Japanese-inspired, hospitality experiences.

Our commitment to excellence drives us forward

With a deep understanding of the nuances and subtleties of various cuisines, we craft bespoke experiences that cater to various unique tastes and preferences.

What we do


Curate the best range of imported products directly from Japanese craftsmen and artisans, and original products carefully created by Australia’s most respected Japanese Chefs.

Dining Experience

Multi-venue restaurants and event spaces tailored to showcase the authentic yet progressive cuisine and culture like never been seen before.


Connecting with a vibrant community of passionate chefs, sharing stories about must-try culinary creations, far-flung destinations and incredible lifestyles.

What we do


Expand your horizons and become part of something innovative, fresh, and ever-growing. Be part of our ongoing journey of building Azabu and achieving our vision.